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Benjamin is owner and lead website developer for Jonroc Online Marketing & Web Design. Benjamin started his professional career in a family run business that rents equipment for parties and events. Starting from the ground floor in his family’s party rental business, which was literally washing dishes, he worked his way up to the position of GM in his late 20’s. During the 15 year period of time he spent in the family business he learned all the principles and disciplines needed to run a small business with over 35 employees and staff.

In the process of taking over the day to day operations from his father, Ben found out that a local web design company was taking advantage of the family business and overcharging for website design and online marketing services. Young and ambitious, Ben made a proposal to his father to create and manage the company’s website and online marketing himself. Little did he know,this would be the catalyst for the creation of Jonroc 2 years later.

After 15 years in the family business he found that his strongest passion in business development and management was in sales and online marketing. Having spent all of the time and effort learning about online marketing and website design for his family’s business Ben began to freelance website work and online marketing on the side for a little extra income. Two years later, with the blessing of his family, Ben decided not to take ownership of the business so he could pursue his passion for website design, online marketing, and business development.

Today Jonroc is a thriving company with accounts all over the country. Our success lies in what Ben learned from working with his family. Namely, that running a business is more than crunching numbers and creating products or services. It’s about creating a trusted relationship with our clients by getting to know them and their business or organization. In doing that we are able tailor suite our clients with the tools and strategies that will ensure their online marketing campaigns are successful and that their online presence accurately represents them. We know that when one client receives the service and attention need to create a thriving online presence, it opens the door for new opportunities and new clients. That is the principal that has given Jonroc success over the years and we know that following the same principal, as we grow, will ensure the success of Jonroc for many decades to come.

“Let’s work together to create the growth, sustainability, and positive change that your business needs to reach your target market online!” -Benjamin

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