What’s New with Pinterest for Small Business

Pinterest for Small Business

Pinterest reports that 87% of their users make a purchase of the pins they find online. The format of Pinterest is an online marketing powerhouse for small business in both the service and retail market. With new buyable pins debuting in 2016 you’re going to want your small business up to speed on what’s new with Pinterest.

What’s New for Your Small Business

Buyable Pins

Pinterest is in the development and Beta testing stages of buyable pins. Buyable pins will allow you to make purchases directly from Pinterest. This is going to be a game changer for any small business that sells products or services online. The best part is that Pinterest is not planning on charging a commission or fee for the service. With Pinterest reporting an 87% conversion rate on the pins people find it’s really a no brainer.

Paid Advertising with Pinterest

For a select group of Beta testers, Pinterest paid online advertising is up and running. The platform allows small businesses to advertise to the 100 Million active Pinterest users. The online advertising platform includes a user targeting feature that will help you display your ads to the right group of people by selecting Gender, Geographic Location, Age, and Keywords/Interests. You can sign up on a waiting list to use the online marketing platform as a Beta user or wait until “sometime” in 2016 when the advertising feature is open to everyone.

Video Pins

Video pins have been around since August of 2012 but I wanted to bring them up because Pinterest seems to be the least familiar social media platform for most of our clients. Video pins are an amazing way that service related small businesses can showcase their work. They also offer much more marketing value because they can cover a lot more ground than a picture can. If you already have some video related marketing material, make sure that you’re sharing it on your Pinterest page as well as the traditional video sharing platforms!

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