Reach New Customers with Great Reviews

Reach New Customers with Great Reviews

The customer review may be one of the most valuable yet underrated marketing tools available to businesses today.  Feedback is not only important for improving your company overall but can also have a strong impact on sales. Customers are far more likely to choose a business with better customer reviews, it’s that simple, but what if you are having trouble reaching out to your customers for a review? Many companies face the dilemma of having satisfied customers but fail to engage their customers to leave a review. Fortunately, we have a tip to help you through.

An important part of getting a customer to review your company is the manner in which you ask. One of the best methods is to create a review request email. This is simply an email inviting the customer to review your business and leave feedback. Here is a list of tips to help you create a review request Email that prompts the customer to act.

  1. Customize it. A cookie-cutter email won’t do! You may start with a base email template, but spend the time to make each email customized to the individual.
  2. Make it timely. Email your customer with 1-3 weeks of using your service.
  3. Start strong. State your intentions with something like, “I just wanted to make sure we exceeded your expectations and you were happy with our services.”
  4. Get personal. Remind them of the experience by referencing a special element or moment.
  5. Stress the importance. Let them know how important reviews are for your business.
  6. Make it easy. Include a link directly to where clients can leave you a review.
  7. End on a high note. Thank the costumer for their time and purchase.
Jared Johnstone

Lead Web Designer at Jonroc

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