Did you miss out on your dream .com domain name and hurt your SEO?

Did you miss out on your dream .com domain name and hurt your SEO?

Get your new top level domain name before it’s gone.

There has been a flood of new top level domain names released over the last year and there will be many more to come. The new top level domain names such as .NINJA or .Rentals are on the market with more being added monthly. The new names will go fast and many of the premium domain names are already claimed, but yours may still be available to reserve or buy. Now is the time to grab your new top level domain name before your competition does.

Why You Want One

The new top level domain names open up a whole world of new domain names that have already been taken by the standard .com, .net, and .org years ago. Many companies have been forced to use long, difficult to remember domain names because the best domain names that describe their service or business have already been taken. Other companies have opted to create non words like zanga.com, travelosity.com, zoho.com, or even derivatives of another language like zappos.com. There may be a brand new top level domain name waiting for you right now that is short, easy to remember, and that perfectly describes your business or organization.

The Impact on SEO

According to Google they will treat the new top level domain names the same as the original top level domain names (like .com and .net). That means that savemoney.com and savemoney.coupons would have the same SEO value. However, I would not be surprised if that is just temporary, and they change their opinion in the near future. It all depends on how the new top level domains are adopted and used online. Keep in mind that you would have to pay a very steep price tag to acquire savemoney.com, but now with the rise of hundreds of new top level names shorter and more memorable domain names will be a lot more affordable if not flat out cheap.



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