The Best Social Media Platforms for the Special Event Market

There is no simple answer to this question, and it really depends on the time and money you have to invest. Currently, Facebook is intentionally blocking companies’ posts by limiting their reach, and it will only get worse. What we’ve been seeing in leads and new website visitors that come from social media platforms over the last couple of years may be drastically changing soon. You can catch up on that big change by reading this article: Facebook is Charging Your Business: It’s Both Good and BAD

When we are talking about unsponsored/free social media campaigning a big factor is going to be what type of content you post, how often you post, and how large your network/friend base is. I’ve found that for the special event industry a well maintained campaign on the weakest social media platform will outperform a poorly maintained campaign on the best platform every time.

With campaign/post quality in mind, I’ve found Pinterest to be the best social media platform for the special event industry. It’s one of the only social networks that you can post on with no (or least low) risk of sounding “salesy or spammy”. On Pinterest you’re not restricted to pin pictures that are taken by you or of your event (although that is the main goal). On pinterest you can post other pinners pictures on your boards to help inspire people. That means it’s easier to build a robust page which is full of high quality, useful pins that attract and inspire many different segments of the market. However, the greatest reason I think the special event industry is so successful on Pintrest is because it is an industry that is entirely focused on what you can create. It’s all about the end product or end production, and the best way to express that to a client is visually. Comparatively, Pinterest is all about finding new ideas and new ways to design or build things. So, it pairs perfectly with the event world.

I’ve collected this data from 7 different clients we work with in the special event industry ranging from florists to special event rental companies. The consensus was clear across the board. Pinterest drives on average 15% more leads than Facebook when both platforms are being updated regularly with good content or pictures. Depending on the market, Yelp was another contender falling pretty far below Facebook but it’s still worth mentioning.

Facebook is Charging Your Business: It’s Both Good and BAD

During the rise of the social media craze many companies and brands were able to leverage the power and reach of popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn to develop new leads and skyrocket sales. The buzz of the successful social media campaigns swept the business world like a wild fire, and a totally…

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