Brass Beds of Virginia

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Website Client

The Client

Brass Beds of Virginia handcrafts brass and iron beds the same way artisans did 100 years ago. Each bed is made to order with custom finish options, bed style variations, and more. The beds are so well made that Brass Beds of Virginia offers a two-generation guarantee which is unheard of in most manufacturing industries. Each bed is truly a work of art and an extraordinary example of engineered design.

Brass Beds of VA Logo
Website Oppertunity

The Opportunity

We worked with Brass Beds of Virginia to create a modern website design that complements their modern metal bed styles while showcasing the allure and charm their older fashion beds. The old website utilized photos scanned, cut, and pasted into the website from a paper catalog printed in the 70’s. The images were small, blurry, and ununiform which did a huge disservice to the beauty and craftsmanship of the beds. We worked with BB of VA to transfer old transparent slides (found at the bottom of a filing cabinet) to hi-resolution images on a uniform background. Now the true beauty of each bed can clearly be seen with the option to zoom in and see the smaller details that make the beds so amazing.

  • Modern Features
  • Searchable Catalog
  • Showcase Craftmanship and Value
  • Optimize for SEO and Online Marketing
AIS Job Listing BB Homepage

Showcase Value

An important priority was to showcase the bed’s value and craftsmanship. These beds are truly one of a kind and we needed to make sure website visitors were able to distinguish BB of VA’s hand-crafted beds from cheaper beds found at value furniture stores.

"This website was a pleasure to work on, we're ecstatic about how high the SEO scores were boosted!" -Benjamin @ Jonroc

Showcase Craftsmanship

We created custom graphical icons which pull viewers eyes to information on the high quality and hand craftsmanship of the beds. We created an entire page dedicated to the craftsmanship of the beds which showcases the artisan's hand bending, hand pouring, and hand polishing the beds.

Brass Beds Workmanship Page
Brass Beds Online Catalog

Searchable Catalog

The new website has filtering and keyword search options which allows online visitors to narrow down beds to the size and style they are interested in. All the beds are stored in WordPress as products which are easy to update from the Admin area. We also built in an e-commerce option if BB of VA chooses to sell directly on the website in the future. The website is highly customized and showcases bed styles and bed options in an easy to navigate structure. Another notable feature is the inclusion of related items and related beds to help promote cross-selling.

Prepare For Online Marketing & SEO

An amazing website doesn’t have much value unless it’s found and visited by potential clients. In the process of creating the website, we implemented all the key features needed to run a solid SEO campaign. We made sure to carefully transfer the SEO value of the old website to the new site and added some improvements to the metadata and syntax structure of the site. We also integrated detailed tracking analytics which shows when a visitor makes a value action on the website. Phone calls generated from the website are tracked and sent to Google Analytics as leads along with contact form submissions and quote request forms. BB of Va is utilizing the information generated to tweak AdWords Campaigns and make website updates to serve their target market better.

Brass Beds Home Page


Brass Beds of Virginia is enjoying a cutting-edge website which is fully integrated into their digital marketing campaigns. Their website is fast, secure, and is easy to manage. Since the launch of the website, we’ve helped BB of Va launch new features and add to the website as they develop new product lines. We’ve helped BB of Virginia collect and analyze valuable tracking information which has helped to produce more leads and better SEO rankings. Working closely with Brass Beds of Virginia we have greatly improved SEO rankings and helped them reach into new geographical target markets.

Brass Beds Sample Website Screen Sizes