Innsbrook After Hours

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Website Client

The Client

Innsbrook After Hours hosts the best concert series in the Richmond Virginia area. Each season thousands of people gather to see artists from a variety of musical genres perform at IAH. Legends such as BB King and ZZ Top have graced the stage (to name a few).

Website Oppertunity

The Opportunity

Innsbrook After Hours needed a way to organize and showcase upcoming shows for the season. We developed a website with a modern design that enables concertgoers to browse through upcoming shows quickly and easily.

IAH needs to be able to carefully orchestrate the announcement of new shows and the announcement of when tickets go on sale. The admin area of the WordPress website allows IAH to manage and add new shows easily. Each show can be edited from one convenient admin page which populates the home page, the concert listing page, and the author’s bio page.

The new website was launched the same year the concert series was undergoing a management change and venue upgrade. To match the new and exciting venue changes, all of the graphics on the home page of the IAH website were custom design to help present the series in a way that captures the fun and exciting atmosphere of the venue.

The IAH website is mobile responsive which is extremely important as over 60% of their online traffic comes from mobile devices. The site is designed to load faster and reformat layouts to give mobile users the best experience possible.

The IAH website is built to deliver amazing SEO results. All the features need for adding and updating back-end SEO metadata, and microdata are built into the website. Analytical tracking scripts are integrated into the website to capture visitor actions and referral sources. We’ve also integrated conversion goals to let IAH know when visitors are clicking on the purchase tickets links.

"We love that all the graphics and listings are custom designed. It gives the website a unique and memorable look." - Benjamin @ Jonroc.


IAH is profiting off this cutting-edge website that is designed to make finding information about upcoming shows a breeze. The entire website is automated to make adding new shows a quick and effortless process. The website is fully optimized to help rank well in search results and each concert listing is tagged with microdata enabling them to automatically show in 3rd party directories (like Google Events). The site is fully integrated with social media enabling IAH to share exactly what they want on social media. Visitors appreciate the advantages of a mobile-first website that was specifically designed to display best on mobile phones. The entire website is set up with digital marketing tracking to ensure that the search engine, social, and remarketing campaigns are profitable.

IAH Sample Website Design Screen Sizes