Brass Beds of Virginia

The Client

Brass Beds of Virginia creates high-end, handcrafted brass and iron beds. The beds they build are custom-crafted according to methods used by artisans for centuries. The business owners truly pour their passion into what they do, and it shows in the quality of their creations.

The Opportunity

We worked with Brass Beds of Virginia to create a modern website design, showcasing the juxtaposition of traditional craftsmanship and alluring charm that defines their brand.

Their previous website used images that had been scanned from a print catalog in the 1970s. The images were blurry and inconsistent, which did a huge disservice to the beauty and craftsmanship of the beds.

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Brass Beds Mobile Responsive Web Design

Showcase Craftsmanship

Since Brass Beds specializes in handcrafted beds, we wanted to make sure the quality of their creations was truly visible from their website.

High-resolution images of their finest products are featured across the website, conveying an overall ambiance of luxury design.

We created custom graphical icons on the website, drawing the user's eye to information on each product's craftsmanship and artisan history.

Brass Beds Website on Tablet

Searchable Catalog

Brass Beds' new website by Jonroc incorporates keyword filtering and search options, allowing their customers to narrow down beds to the size and style they are interested in.

Each bed's product information, images, price, and details are now stored in WordPress, with all website information easy to access and update from the Admin area as their inventory expands.

The website is highly customized for Brass Beds' brand and business needs, showcasing bed styles and bed options in an easy-to-navigate structure.

We also integrated e-commerce capabilities, making it possible for Brass Beds to even sell directly on their website if they want.

Brass Beds Website on Tablet

Search Engine Optimization

A website doesn’t have much value if customers can't find it through a search engine. In the process of creating the website, we implemented all the key features needed to run a powerful SEO campaign.

We made sure to carefully transfer the SEO value of the old website to the new site and added some improvements to the metadata and syntax structure of the site.

Brass Beds Website on Laptop

Analytics and Digital Marketing

To help Brass Beds learn more about their customers, we integrated detailed tracking analytics, allowing Brass Beds to monitor user actions on their website.

Phone calls generated from the website are tracked and sent to Google Analytics as potential leads, as are contact form submissions and quote requests.

Brass Beds of Virginia is utilizing this information to tweak and optimize Google Ads Campaigns, making website updates with Jonroc as needed to better serve their target market and business goals.

Brass Beds Website on Screen


Brass Beds of Virginia's new website is fully integrated with digital marketing campaigns and optimized for SEO. Their new website is fast, secure, and is easy to manage.

Since we first created the website for Brass Beds, we've continued to help them add new features as their product lines expand.

After working with Brass Beds to understand their business goals, we helped them boost their online visibility. Thanks to their new web design, clients can access and navigate their product offerings with ease, learning about everything their designs have to offer right from their website.

With the website's analytics, Brass Beds is generating more leads and reaching new target markets, building the foundation for future business growth and continued success.

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