US Pest Control, Inc.

The Client

US Pest Control, Inc. is a family-owned company that's operated in the Richmond area for over 25 years. The experts at US Pest Control maintain top-quality staff and efficient products to solve pest problems quickly and discreetly. US Pest Control specializes in a diverse breadth of pest-related problems in the greater Richmond area. The business owners keen to develop a website that could both streamline their business process and boost sales, building on the strong foundation of professionalism they've established.

The Opportunity

US Pest Control was looking for a modern website to showcase all of their services. They wanted a website to illustrate the diverse arsenal of services they offer, with an emphasis on highlighting their specialty services like home inspections. The company wanted a sleek, modern website to serve as its professional surrogate online. As with all of our clients, we had the opportunity to understand US Pest Control's business goals, and reflect their overall priorities in the design of the website. Speaking of which, a huge opportunity with the US Pest Control website was finding ways to improve user experience.

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"With our Pick Three Package, this custom website was crafted uniquely to US Pest Control's design preferences and desires." -Benjamin, CEO of Jonroc

UX & UI Design

A big priority with the US Pest Control website design was making it easy for users to do what they want to do on the site. This component of basic usability also translates into revenue and new leads for US Pest Control. We designed every aspect of the website from navigation to calls-to-action (CTAs) with both the user and the business owner in mind. The business owner's goals direct the narrative of the website, while the user's experience is streamlined for efficiency, visual appeal, usability, and ease of access. By adding CTAs to the home page and making contact forms readily accessible on virtually any page of the site, we were able to direct users through the salesflow process while seamlessly structuring the navigation to make it easy for these users to solve their problems quickly, efficiently, and with a satisfying takeaway once they do so.

US Pest Control Cutom Website on Vertical Tablet

Showcase Value With A Sleek, Modern Feel

The client wanted a sleek, modern website that had more potential than just a cookie-cutter template web page. A priority of US Pest Control was having the new website serve as a virtual storefront to make doing business easy. At the core of this objective's cornerstones was showcasing US Pest Control's services. By designing a custom website based specifically around US Pest Control and engineered to specifically highlight what makes them stand out against the competition, we were able to give their business the modern, professional face it deserves while adding fundamental value to their brand, streamlining services, and establishing a sustainable foundation and platform for growth.

US Pest Control on Horizontal Tablet Small

Customization With Our Pick Three Package

For their new custom website, US Pest Control made use of our Pick Three website package. For this package, the client picks three websites upon which we base our inspiration. The client picks websites that reflect their favorite design styles and website features. Then we base our custom website design around those styles with a special Jonroc twist. We love this package because it gives our clients the autonomy to actualize their website for their preferences, it gives us a creative goal set, and it allows us to synchronize both design styles that you love and the functionally that you need at the same time into a seamless, integrated creation that serves as a critical component of your business.

US Pest Control Website Design on Desktop


In conclusion, US Pest Control was greatly pleased with their website. US Pest Control now has a website that makes it easy for online users to contact their business and book their services. We were happy to give US Pest Control what they need, and give their clients what they needed in the process. Creative problem solving is what we do, and the results? A five start review on Google. It's always great to know we've hit the mark.

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