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Inbound marketing is a relatively new term to online marketing. Many techniques that have been used for online marketing over the years have merely been mimics of the techniques used in traditional (real world) marketing for the last several decades. The primary technique used in traditional marketing has been a flashy in your face bombardment of ads. Inbound marketing throws loud and flashy out the window and focuses on high quality content and information that subtlety subdues your target market into listening to your “ad”. In essence you get your target market’s attention by giving them something that they are genuinely interested in and in the process of doing that you’re also introducing them to your company, products and services. It takes finesse and a great deal of thought to provide your target market with the “thing” that they are looking for but once you have them they are much more willing to listen to your advertising message than they would have been if you had just thrown it in their face. Just think about how much people hate pop-up ads. We can help you build the perfect inbound marketing strategy and then implement it so that you’re catching your new clients or members with honey instead of vinegar.

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