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Website development encompasses a plethora of different topics and techniques but all of them have one thing in common, they’re all based on behind the scenes coding. The technical nature of website development tends to leave clients at a loss when looking into options for their new website, not because they don’t think it’s important but because they don’t have the technical expertise to explore the topic in its fullest sense. This is where Jonroc shines above the competition. We’re building more than just websites; we’re building trusted partnership for a lifetime. When you enter the murky waters of website development you can rest assured that we will be there to guide you through unscathed. We leave the technical jargon at the door and explain how each of the areas of website design will affect you and your on-line visitors. With web development, “It’s about Trust” and we don’t take that lightly.

Mobile Responsive Design

It has become a given that any new websites built will be mobile responsive. Not only is it important for user experience but it also affects your search page rank/position on Google. All of our websites are developed to be responsive to all screen types: tablets, mobile phones, laptops, and desktops.


The fact that companies such as GLAD, Vogue Magazine, and Best Buy are developing their websites with WordPress shows what a powerhouse this platform has become. Jonroc harnesses the power of WordPress in many of our custom website installations.


Each year we have steadily seen an increase in on-line retail shopping. With the increased popularity of smart phones and Gen-Y entering into their prime spending age the rise in online shopping will only grow faster. Jonroc can develop an E-Commerce shopping site for you that is easy to navigate and mobile friendly.

Content Management (CMS)

Content Management Systems (CMS) allow website owners to make updates to their websites content. All of the websites that Jonroc develops include CMS interfaces with training videos and knowledge base forums. Keeping your website up to date will be as easy as creating a Word Document.

Social Media Integration

The large majority of on-line marketing plans include social media marketing. This type of marketing is a key component in advertising your company. That’s why Jonroc specializes in integrating all social media platforms into your website. Whether you’d like page feeds, share and like buttons, or a custom application, we are here to provide you and your on-line visitors with the best social experience possible.

Client/Membership Access

Looking to give website visitors access to manage and create an online account? We can create everything from member directories to full featured online memberships for products or services. You’ll have full control over your member’s access rights and information with an easy to use dashboard to update information.

Custom Applications

Custom applications are created when you need to do more than serve basic text or graphic content. Examples include photo galleries, schedules/calendars, questionnaires, and API integration to third party websites or applications. Custom applications is where our nerd-power can really shine through for you and your on-line visitors.

Custom Data Bases

Sometimes our clients have custom data that has to be presented to the online world. With a custom made database you can add fields that you wouldn’t normally find in a normal CMS platform. Custom data bases are also great for storing large volumes of data which can be searched by on-line visitors from your website.

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